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Diversify your diet on Holiday

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All year round we look forward to having a holiday when we can stay off the work, put all the household duties on hold, enjoy our family and friends and of course go places. The last requires more attention and preparation as we may face some unpredictable problems with hotel, flight and food. We get used to a particular daily routine and most things are done on a regular basis just without thinking them over. If a person is a dieter, who is hooked on healthy food or keeps fit in a gym, it may happen that he will turn out to be in unusual for him environment with no gym at all or with food that doesn’t seem to suit him. My version of ideal holiday for my health and financial security takes into account some issues, having to do with food during holiday.

According to some research women tend to splurge when they eat out. And that comes as no surprise at all, as they are eager to taste every invitingly looking dish and not to miss something of interest. Then people end up with digestive disorder or excessive kilograms. The way out is to stop considering eating out to be a special event and try to rank it desperate measure when on holiday.

When it comes to table-service restaurants, in most cases customers ask for customized menu items, for example they want their meal prepared or dressed a different way than is listed on the menu. Or a perfect option is to order half-sized portions, to take home leftovers. If you are least likely to resist the temptation of trying something, let it be a dish containing health promoting ingredients. And don’t be obsessed with the food, enjoy the scenery first of all. For example, Coconut Shrimp is a truly exotic dish that will easily shift you to some tropical country where it seems to be a perfect fit for midday snack or evening diner just on the beach. Coconut flakes make the shrimp crunchy outside but absolutely moist and tender inside. Their golden brown exterior will reflect the sunset color on the sea. The dish is often served with sweet chili dipping sauce, prepared by combining orange marmalade, apricot jam and garlic chili sauce, so that all your cravings for protein-packed and sweet food will be completely satisfied and you will save a trip to a shop with chocolates, pies, cookies and others of that kind; you may enjoy your meal absolutely guilt-free.

The easiest requirement to cover is getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a day (if you are not traveling to the North Pole). They are high in fiber and help cut the consumption of other products.

If a place to visit offers fast food options and for example hamburgers are a great hit with your children, and you just can’t afford to upset them, figure out what variants won’t do much harm; substitute usual cheeseburger to Bang Bang Shrimp, for instance. Any way when you follow a strict diet for a long time, chances are your holiday will lure you away from your usual meal rotation. If you keep health-oriented all year round, you may want to maintain or even lose your weight during vacation and sometimes let yourself have spicy, fried, fatty snacks. Resisting this temptation is not an easy skill to master, so try to enjoy junk food with minimum harm. Bang Bang Shrimp is a kind of compromise, containing fried ingredients, spices, mayonnaise, but free from buns, sweets, chocolate that greatly influence health, weight and provoke abdomen heaviness. Bang Bang Shrimp is bursting with flavors and this makes it a favorite appetizer, protein-packed on the one hand, but extremely delicious, spicy and universal on the other. It serves a starter, but at the same time perfectly matches weak wine as a snack, becoming a definite winner among store-bought or ready-made food. Crispy, fried to perfection shrimp tossed in a creamy, little spicy, little sweet sauce ensures every cell derives pleasure, enjoying the whole host of flavors and smells.

Also, keep all systems going by drinking your daily water requirement. If it seems possible stock your car and hotel room with bottles of water so that it will always be within the easy reach.

Steak Soup Recipe will cover all your requirements when you crave for homemade warming up soup, if your top priority is to jazz yourself up and fill with energy before some challenging trip or long guided tour around the town. It is also a sure version to ensure balanced nourishing dish that will definitely fight your hunger down and let you stay active for hours to come. Steak soup is a no-fail decision when you call for vitamin-packed dinner: it is high in protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. Beef provides protein and fat, veggies supply carbohydrates and fiber; all these feature health-boosting properties and hunger-curbing effect. Still afraid of fatty broth? Then take your family on early morning hike or have a stroll after every meal. It will both help you not to put on weight and boost your endurance.


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