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Cruising Australia: Where To Go On A 48-Hour Holiday

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Easily one of the greatest places in the world for a quick road trip is Australia. This vast land mass has so many different types of terrain and so many activities and sights that it couldn’t be covered in two weeks let alone 48 hours. If you are just taking a short campervan hire australia journey spanning 48 hours, you will need to narrow your territory down to one or two regions. This way you can cover the entire region and really get to relax and enjoy the area. If you have never been to Australia before, then you are going to want to spend your two days wisely. Where you end up going will depend on your specific tastes, but for the first time Australian road tripper the below would be a great introduction to the country.


As a first time traveler in Australia, you will most likely want to check out the Sydney area. This region has the perfect mix of lively urban action and natural surroundings, so you can experience the best of both worlds on your short stay. If you do decide to hit up Sydney on your journey, make sure to check out the following:


Sydney Harbour Bridge


On your first morning, wake up early and hit up this historic bridge that offers a skyline view as well as a majestic water panorama. Make sure to get in early enough to watch the sun rise over the bridge, a truly spectacular sight and the perfect start to your 28 hours in the region.


Museum Of Contemporary Art


Just a short walk from the Bridge you will come across the Museum of Contemporary Art. This has long been listed as one of the top modern art museums in the world, featuring over a thousand permanent works and many exhibits at any given time. With its amazing architecture and intricate layout, you can spend a terrific morning browsing the many halls and sections of this marvel of a museum. Once you are done, feel free to wander the cobblestone streets surrounding the MOA, grab some lunch, and witness the lively, bustling metropolis in all its glory.


Potts Point


When it comes time to eat dinner, you will want to hit up this restaurant bub where you can sit down for a long dinner at a variety of eateries serving up many different types of dishes. After dinner grab a drink at any one of the many bars in the area, including traditional pubs, high end cocktail bars, wine bars, and dives. No matter the type of establishment you are interested in for a nightcap, you will be able to find it in this neighborhood.


Bondi Beach


To start off your second day, head to Bondi Beach. This legendary surf spot is an urban beach paradise and will give you a taste of what the Australian coast is all about. If you’re a surfer, this will be paradise with its famous breakers and blue waters beckoning you to jump on a board. Even beginners can take lessons here from one of the many companies offering guides. Or you can simply take a walk along the beach or lounge on the sand. The urban beach day is a major tradition in Australia, and Bondi Beach is the perfect place to experience this phenomenon.


Of course a campervan hire australia journey isn’t complete without some outdoor activities, so after the beach take your campervan down the coast and check out the miles of undeveloped shore that stretch out fro Sydney proper. Take a hike and breath in the salt air, enjoy the sunshine, and even spot some rare birds and wildlife along the way.


Sydney Opera House


On your final night you are going to want to do something special, so why not check out the famous Sydney Opera House? First you can grab a drink and an oyster dinner at the Opera Bar, then check out a show. The Opera House plays host to nearly 500 performances a year ranging from theatre to dance to comedy to classical symphonies. After the show take a walk to the water and say goodbye to Australia in style with a view of the skyline and the water.


48 hours is not a lot of time to explore, but you can certainly have a great time at many different regions throughout Australia. A short campervan hire australia journey can serve as an introduction to this great land and pave the way for longer journeys in the future. Although Sydney is a great place to spend your 48 hours, by all means do your research and see if any other place will suit you better. But if you do decide to go with Sydney, you surely will not be disappointed.

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