Driving In and Around Auckland

  • Written by News Feature Team

If you have decided to travel around New Zealand and Auckland is on your list of places to visit, we have some pointers for you on how to best drive around in a campervan hire in Auckland, where to stay, and where are the points of interest and best places to see while there.

Image BY Henry Burrows via under a Creative Commons License CC BY SA 2.0

Driving in Auckland

First of all, driving a campervan is different than driving a regular passenger vehicle. There are some factors that you should take into account before deciding to campervan around Auckland and New Zealand that will help you be prepared for it.

  • Campervans are taller than other vehicles which means that you should exercise caution when driving under trees, bridges, etc.

  • A campervan is wider and takes up more space than an average car, so don’t try to drive as if you were in a small car quickly switching in and out of lanes.

  • If you come from a country where driving is on the right side of the road, be aware that in New Zealand, driving is on the left. This should be taken into account when you are deciding on driving around in a campervan in Auckland.

  • A campervan takes longer to brake and accelerate than other vehicles, so be sure to take this into account while driving to avoid accidents and mishaps.

Parking in Auckland

While visiting Auckland and driving around the city in your Apollo campervan, you will most likely want to visit different places and get to know the city outside of your campervan. You can either take the time to find a paying parking lot where you can leave your campervan as you go explore the city or there is also an option of parking and staying the night at a campervan park located near the center of city, which will make getting to know Auckland much easier. If choosing to park in a parking lot, be aware that not all of them can fit campervans due to low roofs.

Another thing to keep in mind while in Auckland is that there is a no freedom camping policy. While your campervan may have its own toilet, you will want to double check where and where you are not allowed to camp overnight. For your own safety and comfort, it is usually better to park in a designated campsite where you can connect your campervan and not have to worry about fines or break-ins.

Where to Visit

Before visiting Auckland, take some time to map out the places that you want to visit to make driving around the city much easier. Located near the harbour and ocean, you will most likely want to visit the North Shore beaches for some fun in the sun. Another unique place to visit while in the Auckland area are the volcanic cones, Maungawhau, Rangitoto Island, and Maungakiekie.

Other places that are definitely worth the experience of seeing while you're driving in an Apollo campervan hire are the Victoria Park Market, the Auckland Art Gallery, the Viaduct Harbour, as well as the Goat Island Marine Reserve that promises water activities, such as diving and snorkeling.

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