A travel marketing revolution has arrived

"Go Holiday Centre, you'll love it!"

Think of Holiday Centre as Flight Centre or any other travel agent but with one huge exception - 0% commission!

Holiday Centre markets travel and accommodation products from around the World, on a subscription or classifieds basis on the popular travel product website.

We offer a full range of online travel marketing solutions to generate bookings for our advertisers. To maximise bookings from "buy ready" viewers at, we run a call centre with a dedicated 1300 phone number, email support to get bookings across the line and a super-efficient chat service.

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How It Works

Holiday Centre is a marketing powerhouse for travel industry businesses.

 We work with travel providers in these sectors:

  • Accommodation including Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Caravan Parks, Hostels, Backpackers and share accommodation.
  • Food and Dining
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Entertainment
  • Experiences
  • Holiday Packages
  • Cruises
  • Hire Cars, motor homes and campers
  • Airlines
  • Attractions

Travel Marketing Products showcases travel products in divisions based on districts (continent, country, region) and in the categories listed below.

These are:-

    Just in
    Top Offers
    Local Deals
    Vacations Packages.
    Short Getaways
    Travel Stories
    Featured Destinations

The category details

Just in is where every new travel product from operators around the World are presented to the Holiday Centre audience.

Top Offers provides a front-page high visibility showcase for exceptional travel products.

Vacation Packages features great value holiday package deals from premium travel operators.

Local Deals showcases special offers and discounted travel services from hyper local small or larger businesses.

Short Getaways is a showcase of recommended destinations and locations for short breaks and extended vacations.

Travel Stories is a section for permanent advertorials, travel reports, consumer reviews and blog posts on any aspect of travel.

Featured Destinations
is where we showcase a range of different travel and accommodation provides within a particular location in any country.

We also have a page for the Top 10 products of the month. This allows for higher traffic advertising, with increased sales.

How to be featured on a Holiday Centre page.

We are produce a ‘Featured Destination’ page where we create a feature page for a specific destination. We select products from travel and accommodation suppliers who choose market with us in Just in, Top Offers, Local Deals, Vacations Packages, Short Getaways and Travel Stories to be featured on this page (at no extra charge!). This is one of the many perks of choosing to market with Holiday Centre.

But wait, there's more!

In addition to our showcase marketing options, Holiday Centre shares each product on its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We use hashtags and geolocation tagging to increase reach and following. Our social media reach expands on a daily basis and we predict a continual growth of followers and socil media reach for our advertisers in the future.

Holiday Centre also sends out a highly anticipated weekly newsletter to buy ready subscribers located around the World.

New geo targeted editions of are under active development and they will enhance local travel marketing. The new regional editions will launch mid 2020.

How to market your travel products on Holiday Centre

Using our highly visible showcases, Holiday Centre can provide opportunities for travel operators to reach new customers without paying the high commissions that online travel agencies, deal sites and travel agents impose and expect.

At Holiday Centre we help you to sell travel products and services. We do NOT charge a commission but to cover our costs, we have easy to understand low service fees.

1. Establishment fee
When a new travel provider chooses to work with us, we recover a one time only $50 USD administration charge to set an operator up in our systems and Holiday Centre editions.

2. Listing fee for travel and accommodation products and services - Every travel product that a travel or accommodation provider wishes to promote on a Holiday Centre edition is published in the travel showcase most suited to the location or service.
Each product listing is $25.00 USD per month or $150 USD for one year.

To explain, if a travel operator has more than one product, the fee is only $25.00 USD in total. For example, a skydive business might have many types of skydiving experiences. They are all listed on the travel showcase for one $25 USD fee. Similarly, an accommodation provider might have 5 or more rooms, at different rates and with different features. The Holiday Centre charge to the accommodation provider would be just one $25 USD per establishment.

Some travel operators might wish to be on more than one Holiday Centre showcase. In that situation, $25 USD is charged for each showcase that the operator chooses to be on.

3. Premium listings
To be featured in the "Top Offers" higher visibility section of a Holiday Centre edition is $100 USD per week or $200.00 USD per calendar month starting from the date of insertion of the feature. This subscription also features your product on our 'Top 10' product list, which is a separate page featured on the top menu bar. The "Top Offers" section has high traffic and additional social media promotion during each month.

4. Travel Stories

Publication of sponsored posts, advertorials and reviews in the "Travel Stories" section. There is a one-time publishing charge of $25.00 USD for travel content. Travel story posts are permanent and include "Do follow" links.

Why choose Holiday Centre to market travel and accommodation services

1. Holiday Centre has four separate global editions so as to reach the majority of the World's travellers.

2. With seven distinct travel marketing solutions in every edition, Holiday Centre can reach your target audience.

3. Once you decide to market with Holiday Centre, we can include your products and services in the most productive edition based on where your product is or where your customers are.

4. Our team creates our product showcases, you only have to provide logos, text, prices, contact details, links to videos on YouTube, images and social media links. We do the rest.

5. For a low fee, we drive new business to you as "direct bookings" with no commission to pay.

6. When a travel operator works with Holiday Centre, every detail of the customer becomes the property of the travel provider. Information like email, address and preferences is shared with the provider.

7. We drive new business directly to the travel operator at no additional charge, when we are contacted by potential customers through our call centre, our chat facility or through our newsletter.

8. At Holiday Centre we do not prioritize customers by virtue of product value or the commission we receive. We do not charge commission so there is no bias.

9. There are no preferred customers at Holiday Centre. There are no exclusive arrangements or exclusions.

10. You can trust holiday centre to get results at a low cost.

11. We offer fast support to our travel industry partners.

12. If you market on Holiday Centre, your product or service will be seen among the World's best.

13. We are very well connected within the travel industry and we provide marketing advice to our customers.

14. We get results. Expect new customers and direct bookings without commission.

15. Holiday Centre can reach hyper local audiences and entire regions by the use of intelligent marketing across our network.

16. Holiday Centre marketing works 24/7 unlike travel agents that charge a commission and work office hours.

17. At Holiday Centre there is no expectation that travel provides will offer low (no profit) deals.

18. Travel operators who work with Holiday Centre process the bookings themselves and get instant access to their money!

19. Holiday Centre travel industry advertisers save money as we do not charge commission and so, they can offer price discounts to direct booking customers who came through Holiday Centre.

20. If asked, we can put together our own travel or vacation package deals to market on behalf of travel industry operators.

Other Holiday Centre travel marketing services

We are able to attend famils in most parts of the World as required so as to familiarize ourselves with locations and services.

We create video content.

We create our own travel deals in co-operation with travel operators.

We write custom travel content to feature on Holiday Centre or any other publication.

We offer website search engine optimization.

We run Google Ad campaigns.

We create travel and accommodation industry websites.

Find out more:  1300 660 660 if you are in Australia or for our global advertisers, you can contact us via email at