Autumn Foliage and Festivals Make It Great Time to Visit Korea

  • Written by Jennifer Doherty

Now is the perfect time to visit Korea with the best Autumn foliage appearing from mid October to mid November at the same time as a multitude of food and other festivals happening around the country.

From the golden gingko tree laneways of Seoul to the spectacular maple leaf tunnel walk at Naejangsan National Park Korea offers incredible autumn scenery at this time of year.

The brilliant Autumn foliage appears from early October in Seoraksan National Park on the east coast of Korea and gradually moves south across central and southern Korea reaching the southern coast of the peninsula by early to mid November.

Jirisan National Park in central Korea is another great place to go hiking amongst the Autumn foliage and Naejangsan National Park has the most number of visitors daily enjoying the multi-coloured Autumn maple leaf tunnel that runs for about a kilometre from the ticket office to Naejangsan Temple.

The Jeonju Bibimbap Festival (20-23 October, 2016)  is one of the highlight festivals of the Autumn season.  Visitors come to Jeonju city from far and wide to enjoy the country's best bibimbap (mixed rice and vegetable dish) and the chance to join the bibimbap making competition in the city streets. 

Jeonju city has a 400 year old hanok village consisting of traditional Korean houses where you can enjoy the unique experience of staying overnight in an ancient Korean house.

The Namdo Food Festival is held in Damyang city from 21-23 October, 2016.  Jeollanamdo province is known for its food, visitors can try some of the regional specialities like grilled goat or Mokpo Nakji (octopus) and see what all the fuss is about.

The World Kimchi Culture Festival will be held in the kimchi capital of Korea, Gwangju from 18-22 November, 2016.  During the festival you can have a chance to make your own kimchi and explore the wide variety of kimchi that is made in Korea.  Kimchi is Korea's iconic side dish of fermented cabbage served at every meal. 

There could be no better time to visit Korea to experience the country at its spectacular best.  For more information on autumn foliage and festivals in Korea visit


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