Top Australian Glamping Destinations

  • Written by News Feature Team

Whether you have considered traveling around Australia in a campervan hire or you want to discover the best glamping locations for you to enjoy nights under the stars in Australia’s most beautiful destinations, you are making the right decisions for what may possibly be one of the best trips that you could ever go on.

Glamping is a glorified version of camping. It offers travelers the option of comfort and luxury while still allowing them to feel adventurous and there is no shame in that. While traveling around Australia, you will have your share of adventure, but your nighttime sleep doesn’t have to be a wild experience. You need your energy for the next day’s fun.

Where to Go

There are many incredible locations where glamping can be found, but we have our favorites. Following are the top destinations for glamping, where you will be close to nature and be able to live experiences that you won’t forget.

  • Victoria

Victoria is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most beautiful areas which means that an experience glamping in one of the places that offers you a comfortable yet wild stay will be a romantic and satisfying one. There is one place in particular that will not only provide you with unique glamping accommodation, but also plenty of animals to explore. The Slumber Safari is located in the Victorian Zoo which will make for a very original night of sleep.

  • Cape Range National Park

Australia is full of incredible nature and national parks which means that nature lovers who want to breathe fresh air, explore forests and hills, and observe wildlife will get their full of it while on a road trip here. Glamping in the Cape Range National Park is an extremely rewarding experience. From being able to observe clear starry skies to exploring dunes and best of all, the Ningaloo Reef, this is truly an ideal destination that will fulfill any outdoor lover’s glamping dreams.

  • Huon Valley

After a day of hiking in the Huon Valley through rainforests and crossing rivers, what better thing can you imagine than resting in a unique glamping destination in the middle of it all. From waterfalls to lush greenery, Huon Valley is where any glamping accommodation can provide you with luxury and tranquility in the midst of the wild.

  • Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s gems where you will find the lush greenery to be a site for sore eyes and where you can explore the national park and even hop on over to the Great Barrier Reef. If adventure, glamping, and nature seem like the perfect combination for you, the Daintree Rainforest will not disappoint.

While camping is a perfect option for cool nights in Australia, it may not be the most comfortable idea for the warmer seasons. Glamping offers you the next best thing and the above-mentioned destinations offer you plenty of glamping lodgings to choose from. After days full of adventure, it’s alright to have your night be cozy and relaxing while still providing you with a unique outdoor experience.