Best Places for Pets in NZ

  • Written by News Feature Team
New Zealand is a highly friendly destination for animals, as one would be able to tell since it has a higher number of animals to humans, yet you still may wonder if every place will be accepting of you taking your pets with you in your campervan hire.

To help you plan your trip, following are the top pet-friendly destinations in New Zealand:


The thing about New Zealand is that it is a place where people love animals, so it is difficult to say that one place is better than the other for your pets, but Auckland has many dog parks and areas for animals that makes it an inviting place to be for dog-owners. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, you undoubtedly will want to stop in cities where they can roam and have a good time. Auckland is one such place.


Christchurch loves pets, especially dogs, so you can be sure that there will be plenty to do and see with your best friend. From going swimming in the rivers, playing in the parks, and visiting Radley Park or Groynes Dog Park, a dog will be in dog heaven when they visit Christchurch.


Because there are many different places to hike, walk, or bike over in New Zealand, it makes it easy for you to travel with your pets. Wellington has a lot of places that will allow your dog to run wild and enjoy being free-after riding in the campervan all day-and you can most likely meet other dog-parents and get to know the world for animals in Wellington. You can even visit some restaurants with your friend, so make sure to check it out.


If you want to go to a place where doggie meet-up groups are the norm, Hamilton will not disappoint. Here you can visit Days Park for a good run around or go swimming in the Waikoto River to refresh and cool off. There are also many great grooming options if your dog should need a little bit of tender-loving-care after some time on the road.

New Zealand is a great place for everyone, from you and your spouse to your children and dogs. There aren’t many destinations in the world where you can find actual restaurants for your pets to enjoy a delectable dinner alongside you, but in New Zealand, the Kiwi’s think of everything.

You will most likely be allowed to have your animal with you in the wild or in different hiking and nature parks, just be sure to bring a leash for the areas where it may be required and some baggies to clean up after them and you should be just fine. Just because you bring your pet on your road trip doesn’t mean that you have to hold back from doing the activities that you love to do. Be aware of others, be safe, and be conscious of the environment and New Zealand will open its arms to you and your pets.