Exclusive Women's Only Tour - Nepal

  • Written by Lisa Pagotto

With Mothers' Day just around the corner, Crooked Compass has the perfect gift for women of all generations -
an exclusive 10 day Women's Only journey through Nepal.

The 10 day itinerary departing 12th September 2017, embraces the simple lifestyle of the Nepalese. Wake up with a morning yoga classes before jumping head on into Kathmandu's addictive buzz, mingle with ethnic minority groups and embrace two of the worlds great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Unwind at one of the finest Spa Resorts in Nepal offering a blend of Vedic philosophy, Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge.

"Mothers' Day is time to reflect and honour those women who have played such a significant role in our lives. To reward them not only with the gift of travel, but a gift of self reflection and a rare moment to focus on themselves in a dreamland like Nepal is priceless," says Crooked Compass Founder Lisa Pagotto.

For full tour information, visit https://www.crooked-compass.com/tours/exclusive-nepal/

About Crooked Compass

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